La Châtaigneraie

Camp-site in southern Ardèche

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What to see and do

Leisure activities

Rough-hewn beauty in remarkably diverse naturalsurroundings.

In the heart of the UNESCO Geo natural park of the Monts d’Ardèche, sheltered by the Ceven park and the unspoiled listed and protected beauty spots, The Châtaigneraie is the ideal base camp to follow your daily mood.

From white limestone cliffs to dark or golden screes,
Secret beaches and famous natural diving boards,
A nap or an adrenalin-boosting canyon,
One quiet evening at the camp-site or a gourmet dinner in a local restaurant, the markets, the concerts, the exhibitions.

Starting from the camp

  • River swimming
  • Angling
  • A host of trails to take on foot, bike or horseback
  • Paragliding
The Chassezac river
Bathing in the river
Via Ferrata
The Chassezac river Gorges

Near to

  • The village of Les Vans:
    • Shops and restaurants
    • Markets and boutiques
  • Listed and protected sites:
    • Païolive Wood
    • The Chassezac river gorges
    • The Cevennes National Park
  • Historic Villages:
    • Naves
    • Banne
    • Thines
  • Blocks and climbing sites, canoeing

No long away (between 20 and 40 km)

  • The Ardèche river gorges and the Pont d’Arc Cavern
  • The Tanargue highlands, Joyeuse, Aubenas
Local street market
The Pont d'Arc Cavern